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2024 Battle of the Teal Annual Showcase Application

Basic instructions to submit:

  1. No application or registration fee is required.
  2. Fill out the application details in the form below.
  3. Elementary (K-K4) and Middle (K5-K8) division applicants are to submit only one showcase entry file. High-division applicants (K9-K12) may choose to upload two additional portfolio pieces along with their showcase pieces. Use the same format to name these files as the showcase file.
  4. Name your showcase file using the following format: titleofwork_applicantfullname, i.e., horses_johnsmith. Each showcase submission consists of either performing (captured on video or audio), visual (high-resolution image), or media arts (video or audio).
  5. Review your application carefully before submitting it.
  6. Electronically sign your application on all required fields.
  7. Applicants under 13 years of age are required to have parental / guardian’s consent. The parent/guardian may submit the application on the student applicant’s behalf. Please note if this is the case in the section titled “Tell us about your showcase piece and what it meant to you.”
  8. The art teacher/school administrator may assist with the application process on behalf of the parent/legal guardian. Submit the application.

For additional questions
about the application, email battleoftheteal@ineducationonline.org


Impact: In 2016, we hosted our inaugural Battle of the Teal art showcase in the Masonic Temple in Cleveland, Ohio. Back then, twelve inner-city students took the stage to battle, and we crowned our first winner – Courtney Owens. She then went on to attend Ohio Wesleyan University. Since then, several other winners have pursued their higher education dreams.

Since then, we have been fortunate enough to witness several other winners pursuing their academic goals. Our scholarships and prizes are worth over $33,000, and we have provided more than 40 educational and art experiences that have impacted the lives of over 11,000 artists across nine counties of Northeast Ohio and beyond. With 36 category winners, four “Best in Show” awardees, and two “Founders’ Pick” awardees, we are proud of the immense success of our initiative.

Opportunity: K-12 students who are working on developing their chosen art form, who wish to boost their confidence, and who are excited to express and showcase their creativity, can participate virtually or live.

Application: Each student can submit one application per category. The two showcase categories are visual (to include media arts) and performing arts. All submissions must be sent online between midnight Sept 1, 2023, through midnight Apr 30, 2024.


iN Education’s Battle of the Teal is a year-round art program promoting the hard work and dedication of artists who seek a platform to perform, present, and/or produce their artistic ideas. This program builds a platform for young K-12 students and emerging artists to develop their chosen art form, boost their confidence, and inspire youth creativity.

SHOWCASE THEME : Open to all art themes
PROGRAM WEBSITE : www.battleoftheteal.org
SHOWCASE WEBSITE : https://battleoftheteal.myportfolio.com/
DOWNLOAD “BATTLE OF THE TEAL 2022-2023 YEARBOOK:” 2022 2023 Battle of the Teal Yearbook (adobe.com)


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