Showcase Terms And Conditions


iN Education’s mission statement

iN Education’s mission is to teach our youth the transferable skills necessary for success in the workforce, provide the essential guidance and resources to achieve higher education levels, emphasize the importance of continuing education; and highlight the connection between education and individual creativity. We achieve this by offering career-awareness/training programs and art-focused activities and events, along with our original e-publications on educational topics.

As an Ohio-based 501 c (3), we rely on generous donations and funding support from the community and local foundations. These funds are not guaranteed and vary from year to year. We thank all our accountability partners, board members, advisory board members, committee members, staff and volunteers, parents, and everyone who supports our mission in their capacity. Without you, this program will not happen.

Diversity and inclusion statement

We made it our top mission to offer equal opportunities for education, employment, and positive art and culture expression to all the diverse communities we passionately serve, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, religious beliefs, marital status, age, disability or military status. iN Education’s model is “Your journey, your impact, our future.” We strive to enrich and empower everyone we serve with our educational and art programming and services designed to reflect the true beauty of education.

Competitive Program Environment Statement

Thank you for choosing to participate in our upcoming Battle of the Teal program and showcase. This is a big decision to make for any emerging visual and/or performing artist. Choose from the leveled program options; Level 1: just for fun; Level 2: attend art activities, workshops; and Level 3: showcase your artistic abilities in front of a live/virtual audience and have your work reviewed/critiqued by a panel of local professional artists (Adjudication panel). There are a few things to consider preparing for this life-changing experience, and our production team is with you every step of the way.

Our goal is to prepare all participating artists in the Battle of the Teal program for the showcase’s review process.  We strive to provide a healthy, educational, and enriching experience to those we serve. All Battle of the Teal applicants should be prepared to receive constructive feedback*(read full details below) on their respective art form(s) while participating in the program.  All feedback is meant to be a helpful and positive learning experience and help artists work on their strengths and weaknesses and improve their craft. All feedback is intended to be unbiased. Feedback are opinions of the elected adjudication panel members based on their expertise and predetermined criteria.

The showcase processes are meant to be fun, educational, supportive, and helpful to all participating artists.

The Battle of the Teal staff and volunteers, including but not limited to Executive Team, Advisory Board, Adjudication Panel, Art Network (collectively called the “Battle of the Teal Team”), will do their best to:

  • Create a welcoming and educational environment for all applicants
  • Prepare all applicants to receive constructive feedback during the process
  • Inform all applicants about the processes, rules, and expectations of the showcase
  • Guide applicants through coaching and mentoring activities connected with the program

Declaration of originality

By entering into the Battle of the Teal showcase, I affirm that all of the submitted work/portfolio item(s) is /are the original creation(s) of the artist (me, further “Applicant”). iN Education is not responsible for any intellectual property infringement by the applicant. The applicant will be solely responsible for their acts. Suppose, at any stage of our discovery process, it is found that the applicant has any mala fide intentions or is causing any violation. In that case, they will be disqualified with a subsequent intimation to the candidate..


Art Forms


  • DANCE: Movement, Performance, Choreography, Folkloric
  • MUSIC: Vocal Performance, Songwriting, Instrumental Performance, Composition, Choral Performance
  • OTHER/MIXED: Storytelling, Mime, Oral History, Spoken Word
  • THEATER: Acting, Directing


  • PAINTING: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor
  • DRAWING: Pencil, Charcoal, Pen & Ink, Conte, Oil Pastel
  • PRINTMAKING: Silk Screen, Etching, Collography, Engraving
  • SCULPTURE: Clay, Found Objects, Wire, Assemblage, Ceramics
  • MEDIA: Photography, Graphic Design, Computer Arts, Animation, Filmmaking, Videography

 Showcase Divisions

There are three showcase divisions for both Visual and Performing art categories. Showcase divisions follow:

  • Elementary division (K-K4), 
  • Middle division (K5-K8), and
  • High division (K9-K12).

Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. Information submitted is voluntary. Any personal details submitted by you for program features and activities will not be sold to a third party. iN Education will use this information to connect with you for the purpose of awards/prizes delivery and other relevant digital or oral communication. We are mindful and aware of the social-emotional wellness of all applicants by allowing video, audio, or written introductions.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, connect with us before submitting any information and let us know how we can be more accommodating.  Email:

Privacy Policy |


General details

Applicant’s name, communication details, artist’s statement, showcase division, art form.

Minimum portfolio requirements

At least one completed showcase piece, either visual (high-resolution image) or performance art (video or audio).

If you are a performing artist, the final piece can be submitted as a video or sound file for the relevant art forms. Any artwork or performance produced within the last twelve months is allowed.

Ownership and license (video law)

Ownership of any submission shall remain the property of the applicant. However, entry into this program constitutes the applicant’s irrevocable permission and consent that the iN Education and affiliates may display, copy, reproduce, enhance, print, sublicense, publish, distribute and create derivative works for iN Education’s purposes, including posting images to social media profiles and web pages. The iN Education is not responsible for lost or damaged entries. Submission of entry into the Battle of the Teal art showcase(s) constitutes acceptance of all rules and conditions.

Constructive Feedback

The feedback of the adjudication panel members or other reviewers is / may be subjective; this is not a reflection of your lack of abilities or creativity but merely an opinion. Opinions may vary from person to person. We encourage you to continue expressing yourself through the chosen art form(s) and continue being creative. The Battle of the Teal team is here to support you. We encourage you to reach out to us and tell us about your experience.


Scorecard rubrics (1-4 scale)

Spring-Summer – Adjudication Panel

Art industry professions from across Northeast Ohio and beyond are nominated to join the adjudication panel each season. To be selected, they must actively practice their art form and accept the responsibility of providing valuable feedback to showcase applicants without bias.

Visual Arts1. Technical use of material/craftsmanship, 2. Meaning/ Context, 3. Creativity/ Originality, 4. Composition/Design

Performing Arts: 1. Preparation and preparedness, 2. Expression, characterization, and technique, 3. Appearance, presentation, and comfort level in front of the camera, 4. Creativity, originality, and energy.


People’s Choice (1-4 scale)

Fall-Winter – community and art network members

Invited community participants/ guests, virtually or in-person, will have the ability to score one or all showcase applicants from 1 to 4, with 4 being the best. iN Education’s Battle of the Teal art network members, affiliates, partners, community leaders are invited. Showcase applicants are encouraged to share the “people’s choice” participation among their family and friends.


Our advisory board members play a role in auditing and validating the results.

Showcase Awards

“Best in Show”

Spring-Summer showcase

This prestigious award is offered only during the Spring-Summer showcase of each year. The top score average received from visual and performing art categories will be awarded the “Best in Show” title. They will receive a scholarship based on total donations received towards iN Education’s scholarship fund held at Edward Jones. See below sections entitled “Criteria for Academic Scholarships” for complete details.

Category winner

Spring-Summer & Fall-Winter showcases

The winner is the highest scoring applicant in their respective division and art category.

1st Place

  • $100 towards your next art project.
    • An example of a small project could be an idea that can be completed within 10 hours and doesn’t require a big budget. A large project could be a featured showcase, a video presentation, or a design project featured on iN Education swag shop; such a project will require planning and can take up to three months.
  • Featured Zealousness story to summarize the success of your art project posted on the website (in the news section) + social media shout-out
  • Featured Zealousness blog post
  • Your artists’ profile featured on our website
  • Free access to any iN Education’s paid programming, workshops, seminars, and activities for one year. Check out our LEARN U page and stay tuned for further updates. We will be adding new entries. 

The Spring-Summer art showcase winners in all categories will be displayed on the respective page on the program’s website They will also be acknowledged within the margins of Battle of the Teal’s Yearbook for the current season.

School Art Teacher Award

Spring-Summer showcases

Teachers do a lot for our community and play a vital role in the development of youth. They deserve to be recognized for this, so we want to acknowledge and award them. The teacher will be nominated and elected by the Battle of the Teal Art Advisory Board members based on their students’ involvement and advocacy of the arts and education among youth.

  • Teacher’s Featured articles on Zealousness
  • Teacher’s Featured articles posted on our website (In the news section)
  • Invitation to become a Battle of the Teal art network member
  • Invitation to participate in an art forum (Depending on our upcoming schedule)
  • Guest speaker from the art network visiting the class to talk about the art/their career (Post COVID or virtually)
  • Up to $100 for class supplies (based on donation drive)

The Spring-Summer art showcase winners in all categories will be displayed on the respective page on the program’s website They will also be acknowledged within the margins of Battle of the Teal’s Yearbook for the current season.

Criteria for Academic Scholarships

To be eligible to apply for an academic scholarship, the following criteria must be met:

All academic scholarships shall be awarded for the use in an academic degree-granting program with a college or an accredited university recognized by a national or regional agency as defined by the United States Department of Education with respect to United States academic institutions, and as defined by the pertinent comparable body for academic institutions outside the United States.

To be considered for an academic scholarship, all applicants must submit a completed application form through the online application portal, inclusive of the following documents:

  • Contestants in the competition can choose from a range of art forms to express themselves. This may include performance art such as dance, comedy, or music, or visual art like photography or painting.

Application Guidelines for Academic Scholarships

Application deadlines and the required supporting materials for each scholarship will be published on the website, along with other pertinent application information.

All applications and supporting materials for scholarships must be submitted in the format specified on the website. Applications must be completed and verified before the Scholarship Application Evaluation Committee will consider them.

Selection Process for Academic Scholarships

All completed applications accompanied by the required supporting materials will be reviewed by the Scholarship Application Evaluation Committee to ensure that every applicant receives full consideration.

Applicants will be scored using a points system based on the quality of the content provided and the possible match with donor eligibility preferences.  The committee also will assess students based on previous academic performance and the alignment of a candidate’s coursework with approved programs of study or programs pertinent to the project management field.

All decisions by the Scholarship Application Evaluation Committee are final. Any attempts by applicants to lobby or persuade the committee during the process will result in immediate disqualification.

Scholarships will be awarded in a manner that matches the higher monetary award amounts with the better-qualified candidates who meet all the requisite criteria.

*All scholarship finalists are screened against the Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN) of the United States Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Award Guidelines for Academic Scholarships

To be eligible for scholarship payment, all applicants for academic scholarships must provide written proof of enrollment in the program for which a scholarship is sought before the funds will be released.  Proof of enrollment must be sent directly to us from the college or university at which the applicant plans to use the scholarship.  This generally entails the form of a letter from the registrar’s office.  Instructions for submission of proof of enrollment will be provided to successful applicants.  Proof of enrollment must document the following:

  • Enrollment in the fall semester of the application year
  • Number of credits for which the student is enrolled
  • Student enrollment status (full-time/part-time)
  • Level of study (undergraduate/graduate)
  • Program of study

Unless otherwise specified, scholarships are given for only one (1) academic year. The academic year for which the scholarship is provided will be identified in the award.

Successful applicants will be awarded only one (1) scholarship or award per calendar year.

Unless specified otherwise, applicants may submit scholarship applications for each calendar year during which they will be attending an accredited institution in a degree-granting program.

Notice of Academic Scholarship Award

  • Initial notice to scholarship finalists will be sent via email to the address provided on the application.
  • We will ask for final enrollment verification, a signature of promotional release, and educational records release documents. The scholarship is not officially awarded until the finalist(s) return the required documents.
  • Final notice of awarded scholarships will be sent to each finalist via email and postal mail after verification is completed.

Applicants who are awarded an academic scholarship will have three weeks from the date of notification to submit proof of enrollment and tax forms. If documentation is not submitted before the deadline, the scholarship offer will be withdrawn. Exceptions to this policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis if extenuating circumstances are demonstrated.

Disbursement of an award

The scholarship payment will be made by check and sent on behalf of students studying in the U.S. at the university address provided during the verification process. Students studying outside of the U.S. will receive the payment by wire transfer or other accommodations. Scholarship finalists will be responsible for any and all online / wire transfer fees, including but not limited to processing fees or additional fees associated with disbursement other than traditional check payment.

In the event of a surplus balance (the difference between the cost of college and the amount of the scholarship award), said amount can be transferred over to any post-secondary education, including but not limited to any certification or licensing. (Same rules for disbursement apply).