INDIANS CIRCLE It was fun and some of those kids were extremely talented, it was a pleasure to witness. There was one group I didn’t catch the name of and they had a young man playing with them who was a phenomenal bass player. Please let me know if you guys need help with anything in the future.

~Greg, Indians in the Attic

 Larry circle Thank you for having me and my family attend this special event!

~ Larry Gordon & family

 icon - teal background Thank you for having us at your Battle of the Teal – 4EDU 2016 event. We were very impressed with the execution and communication with everything on your end. We look forward to working with you in the future!

~Jim, Joe, Eric – White Pond Hospitality Group

 INDIANS CIRCLE Had a great time- thank you so much! Glad we could pitch in for a good cause. Please do keep in touch, we’ll be around.
~JDR (the one with glasses), Indians in the Attic
 KEVIN HUGHES CIRCLE - Copy Hey Sonia, DeAndre,

I met a lot of cool people last night – and I picked first and second place correctly. Lol! My favorite was the poet – to think like that and have that emotional range at 16 – was mind blowing. I had a wonderful time meeting all those folks; the professionals and the amateurs both. It was a huge learning experience too. Thanks for the opportunity – smiles Kevin.

~ Kevin Hughes

 DJ QUEST CIRCLE - Copy I did enjoy working THE Battle of the Teal – 4EDU!


 ASHLEY CIRCLE - Copy Sona and DeAndre,

Thank you both so very much for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing event. I truly enjoyed working with you and I’ll be happy to collaborate in the future. Thank you again!

~Ashley M. Bohanon



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