Contestants in the competition can choose from the whole range of artistic forms to express themselves, be it performance art such as dance, comedy, or music, or visual arts like photography or painting.

Examples: Visual arts (i.e. photography, collage, drawing), Performing Arts (i.e. dance, singing), Poetry, and Comedy!


Copy / paste the following URL in your browser to register:

Each contestant must register individually, even if performing as a group or duo. Registration fee is $10. Contestant has the option to upgrade their registration to include dinner at a discounted packaged rate of $50 (a savings of $35).


Once registered, you will be graded on the overall averages of the following 4 categories on a 4.0 grade scale:

  • YouTube ‘likes’
  • Community service (minimum of 2 hours)
  • Latest report card
  • Performance at the show

Contestants will submit a 30 seconds video clip of their performance to the producers. Contestants will receive training on marketing strategies to help maximize exposure of their video. All submitted video clips will be uploaded on the Battle of the Teal – 4EDU YouTube channel. Overall likes on their channel will be counted.

Contestants will choose any organization they are most interested in volunteering for. Make contact with the organization of interest and be assigned a project based on their needs for a minimum of 2 hours.  The organization’s supervisor must verify hours and submit a volunteer review to us prior to the event. Volunteer service performed within past 12 months is acceptable.

Contestants will provide us with their latest GPA from their report card, if a group of more than one, GPA’s from all report cards will be averaged.

Contestants will perform live at the event in front of a live audience and will be scored by a group of judges.  The average scoring from all the judges will be documented. Those performing in visual arts will display their art and explain the concept and/or idea behind it.

All scores from all categories will be tallied up and the Top Three winners will be awarded on the day of the event.


  • Scholarships (Higher Education & Scholooza),
  • Prizes and / or
  • Cash Awards

Our goal is to award up to $10,000 in Scholarships, Prizes and/ or Cash awards to the TOP THREE WINNERS combined. Based on the total amount raised or donated, up to $10,000, Winner will receive 50%, Second Place will receive 30% and Third Place will receive 20%. Winner(s) will share top prize(s) among the group (if performing as a duo or a group).

Only the Winner will receive Higher Education Scholarship; winnings must go towards tuition only and can be redeemed at any accredited college, university or trade school. Winnings will be held at iN Education’s tuition fund at Edward Jones until redeemed (value starts to decrease after 2 years of student’s High School graduation date).

Scholooza scholarships can be redeemed at any time to enroll in iN Education’s Career Technical Education program in the fields of Event Coordination & Management or Business & Marketing (must be redeemed within 2 years of high school graduation).


Winners will commit to promoting the Battle of the Teal – 4EDU for one year.


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