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Who we are and what we do

iN Education’s Battle of the Teal is a year-round art program that promotes the hard work and dedication of visual and performing artists. This program builds a platform for young K-12 students and emerging artists to develop their chosen art form and boost their confidence level. In addition, twice during the year, they will be able to experience what it’s like to present their art form in front of a live or virtual audience during Battle of the Teal’s two showcases!

We provide art-focused activities and art programs for families and art enthusiasts alike while playing a role in connecting them with art professionals from Northeast Ohio.

What's in it for you

Hone your skills through art-related activities

Improve your craft with personalized learning

Connect with mentors

Get help creating your portfolio

Work on your own individual art form

Actively participate in forums and events

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Emerging artists and youth

  • Enter our next regional showcase for free and get feedback on your art form from our network of award-winning artists
  • Grow your resume and portfolio
  • Get matched with a mentor based on your art interests and skills

Established and emerging artists

  • Gain free access to premium content and events
  • Create long-lasting personal connections with art professionals
  • Ask your questions during panel discussions
  • Read the latest from our Zealousness blog
  • And much more!

Art professionals

  • Gain the satisfaction of mentoring upcoming artists
  • Get additional exposure through our featured artist showcases
  • Be included in our promotional materials
  • Connect with our partnering art organizations
  • Know that you are helping keep the arts alive

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Accountability Partners

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Most frequent questions and answers

Tell us about your needs, art form(s), and interests, and choose the benefits you are interested in by completing our online form. We are eager to hear what the Battle of the Teal art program can do for you to aid you in growing your art form(s) and building upon your skills!

Joining the Battle of the Teal art network is free. Any voluntary contribution toward the program will benefit the Northeast Ohio corridor’s youth and sustain our programming into the future. (link to donation widget)

The Battle of the Teal art program covers all performing and visual art forms as defined in the Ohio Department of Education’s Fine Arts Standards: music, dance, drama/theatre, media arts, and visual arts. For more specific examples, please visit

The Battle of the Teal production team encourages regular weekly or bi-weekly mentoring sessions or subject-specific sessions focusing on a particular skill or feature. Our role is to provide the platform and facilitate the connection. Mentors and mentees are free to select the sessions duration and frequency that meet their schedule and availability.

Whether you participate in the showcase is up to you.  We respect your choice, and we are here to support you on your artistic journey and help you benefit along the way.

You are in charge. You dictate the amount of time to invest in your art passion and  the Battle of the Teal art program. Please communicate the goals you wish to accomplish, and we can help you build a plan that will get you where you want to go, respecting the time you are able and willing to invest. We respect your choice, and we are here to support you on your artistic journey and help you benefit along the way. We are eager to hear from you! “Join the art network”