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iN Education’s Battle of the Teal, a K-12 art program, provides the “platform” to which individuals from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds connect with each other through the arts.  

For the last five years, we have partnered with professional and award-winning artists, educational institutions like the Cleveland Institute of Art, and art groups to provide the young people in Ohio with several free services including family art events, mentoring by our seasoned artists, art enrichment forums, and live performances.  

As an outcome of our year-round promotion of the arts, the annual showcase serves as a platform for young, emerging artists to further develop in the arts of their selected form, boost their confidence levels, and experience what it’s like to present their masterpieces and/or themselves in front of a live audience!  The annual showcase consists of two full competitions in one evening.  Up to twenty visual and performing artists will compete for the title in their category.  Student artists are able to share and articulate their messages through a variety of artistic forms – dance, digital art, drama, photography, singing, illustrations, just to name a few. The program’s goals are to connect young artists with their community and artists in our network as well as bring awareness to higher education possibilities in the art sector.

Program benefits

  • Mentoring by award-winning artists
  • Portfolio reviews by established artists
  • Exhibition and competition opportunities
  • Access to art-related forums
  • Meeting like-minded peers
  • Access to a community of emerging and professional artists
  • Access to monthly family-friendly art activities
  • Portfolio building assistance 

We have grown our network to include a diverse group of talented visual and performing local artists throughout Northeast Ohio serving as advisory board members, committee members, adjudication panel members and production crew. https://battleoftheteal.org/community/

Reaching our goal will help us provide more opportunities for K-12 youth who are the ultimate beneficiaries of this program. This will help us expand our footprint while allowing us to do more within our community and implementing our ambitious ideas into the future! Your contribution has purpose. 

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