Donation Opportunity

Our goal is to award up to $10,000 in scholarship, prizes, and awards (based on community investment) to TOP THREE WINNERS combined. Every contribution will not only be appropriately acknowledged and it’s tax-deductible. There are many donation options to choose from:


These are the types of event donations we are accepting:

  • Donate towards scholarship
  • Prize donation (e.g. books, scholarship, trip, electronics, movie tickets)
  • Ticket sponsor (to allow children from low-to-moderate income families to attend the event and enjoy the dinner)
  • Donate toward our general future fund
  • Donate an auction item
  • Monetary donation
  • Service donation (e.g. printing, catering, make-up artist services, clothing for the contestants, probes)
  • Other (tell us how would you like to be involved)

Privacy and security is our top priority. To make a generous donation, please visit our secure parent company website: www dot ineducationonline dot org / donate.

We value all contributions!



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