#BOTT4EDU: Program Policies and Statements

Competitive Program Environment Statement

Thank you for choosing to participate in our upcoming Battle of the Teal program and annual showcase. This is a big decision to make for any upcoming visual and/or performing artist. You were presented with leveled program options to utilize your artistic abilities just for fun (Level 1) and to advance to where you are comfortable to attend a call for artists/ entries (Level 2) before officially deciding to present your artistic abilities in front of live audience and have your work reviewed / critiqued by a panel of local professional artists (Adjudication panel). In order to prepare for this life-changing experience there are a few things to consider and our production team is with you every step of the way.

Our goal is to prepare all K-12 artists in the Battle of the Teal program for the judging part of the contest.  We strive to provide a healthy, educational, and enriching experience to those we serve. All Battle of the Teal K-12 artists should be prepared to receive constructive feedback on their art form(s) while participating in the program.  All feedback is meant only to help artists work on their weaknesses and strengths and improve in their art form(s).

The contest is meant to be fun, educational, supportive and helpful to all participating K-12 artists.

The Battle of the Teal staff and volunteers, including but not limited to: Executive Team, Advisory Board, Adjudication Panel, Art Network (collectively called the “Battle of the Teal Team”) will do their best to:

  • Create a welcoming and education environment for all K-12 participants
  • Prepare all participating K-12 artists to receive the constructive feedback during the process
  • Inform all participating K-12 artists about the processes, rules and expectations of the annual showcase
  • Provide guidance through coaching and mentoring activities connected with the program

The Battle of the Teal Team understands that constructive feedback could potentially cause stress or other emotions. Should the program make you feel unhappy, stressed, or in other way unsatisfactory we encourage you to withdrawn yourself from the program and talk with a parent, guardian, counselor or any of the Battle of the Teal Team member about your experience.

Score card rubrics (1-4 scale)

Visual Arts: 1. Technical use of material/craftsmanship, 2. Meaning/ Context, 3. Creativity/ Originality, 4. Composition/Design
Performing Arts: 1. Preparation and preparedness, 2. Expression, characterization and technique, 3. Appearance, presentation and comfort level in front of the camera, 4. Creativity, originality and energy.
Additional “Feedback & comments” provided by our Adjudication Panel members will be sent to you after the showcase.

Declaration of originality

By entering into the Battle of the Teal annual showcase I affirm that  all the submitted work / portfolio item(s)  is /are  the original creation of the visual artist (me, further “Participant”). iN Education is not responsible for any intellectual property infringement by the participant. The participant will be solely responsible for his/her acts. If at any stage it is found that the participant has any Male-fide intentions or is causing any violation, then he/she will be disqualified and a permanent ban will be imposed on the participant which will refrain him/her from participation in any event by the organization in the future.


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