We are looking for emerging and established artists to join our network!

Art Advisory Board Members

DeAndre N., Founder, Exec.Producer, iN Education Inc.
Sona N., Exec. Producer, iN Education Inc.
Steve D., Advisory Board, Gutenn Tog, Ltd.
Jessica Howard
Jessica H., Advisory Board
David C., Coordinator, iN Education Inc.

Committee members

Galina R., Network Member
Catherine M., Art Mentor, Catherine McManus Photography
Jacinda W., Committee, designExplorr
Kaisal S., Youth Ambassador
Lyndsey S., Youth Ambassador
Travon S., Youth Ambassador
Maya P., Youth Ambassador
Ava D., Youth Ambassador
Abby X., Youth Ambassador
Tony R., Voice Over Artist
Skye Claire, Artist / Mentor
Jessica P., Network Member, CMBA
John L., Mentor / paralegal
Matthew A., Art Mentor, Matthew Alec Music
Angelica Pozo, Art Mentor, We Must Matter
Dr. Yerin Kim, Art Mentor / Pianist
Kariem Farrakhan II, Nework Member / Fine Artist
Sarah Turner, Art Mentor
Maia F., Youth Ambassador
Dave P., Network Member
Taylor M., Youth Ambassador
Alan R., Youth Ambassador
Emma Anderson, Network Member / Artist
Matt M., Art Mentor, Dzieci Theatre
Carol Allen, Network Member
Sarah C., Art Teacher
Christina F., Marketing
Fatima al Matar
Fatima M., Network Member / Artist/Mentor
Olivia Todd
Olivia T., Youth Ambassador / Art Mentor
Audra Keiber
Audra K., Art Mentor / Network Member

We appreciate all of you!