Executive Team

DeAndre N., Founder, Exec.Producer, iN Education Inc.
Sona N., Exec. Producer, iN Education Inc.
Dee Jay Doc, Advisory Board, Refresh Collective
Ramahn J. W., Advisory Board, Really Goody Studios
Arabella P., Advisory Board, Arabella Proffer
Augusto B., Advisory Board, Augusto Fine Art
Kat C., Advisory Board, IAJ Records
David C., Coordinator, iN Education Inc.
Cassie H., Advisory Board, Charnerart by Cassandra Harner
Steve D., Advisory Board, Gutenn Tog, Ltd.

2021 Adjudication Panel

Jessica H.
LSQUARED PHOTOS - Minus the Alien
Matthew Alec
Gemma Lascio
Mimi Epstein Testen
Graham Rosen
Elaine Hullihen
Catherine McManus
Jordan Wong - Wongface
Daniel Lozada
Sally Levine SHAC
Amy Lewandowski
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Avatar_BOTT 2021_teal
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Avatar_BOTT 2021_teal
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Jessica Howard (visual & performing)

Artist, Coordinator of Continuing Education (CIA). Learn more about Jessica by visiting her website https://www.theforagersdaughter.art/

Honorable peter l. jones (performing)

An attorney, business consultant, professional actor and master of ceremonies, dramatist, and former elected official.


A recording artist, writer, and mentor. Learn more about Ameer and his Alien Arts by visiting https://alienartshiphop.org/

MATTHEW ALEC (performing)

An experienced jazz and funk saxophonist. Learn more about Matthew by visiting his website https://www.matthewalec.com/

Gemma Lascio (performing)

Professional mermaid/business name is "Mermaid Gem -Jewel of the Sea" (owner of The Ohio Mermaids, LLC). Learn more about Gemma by visiting https://mermaidgem.weebly.com/about.html

MIMI EPSTEIN TESTEN (visual & performing)

Mimi Testen Designs - Jewellery design and re-design.

GRAHAM ROSEN (performing)

Graham Rosen is a Cleveland based music educator, audio engineer, and musician. From the Punch Brothers to Esperanza Spaulding to The Cleveland Orchestra, he collaborates regularly with world class artists and reflects these experiences back into the classroom.


Elaine Hullihen is an interdisciplinary artist who works with themes of presence, embodiment, and systems of support. For full bio see PDF file below.

Catherine McManus (visual)

A photographer, digital artist, and designer. Learn more about Catherine by visiting https://catherinemcmanus.com/


Jordan loves to delight, inspire, and share his quirky sense of humor through illustration and graphic design. Learn more about Jordan and his company by visiting http://www.wongface.com/


Daniel Lozada is a Cleveland-based portrait and editorial photographer. He also is the creator and co-leader of Creatively Speaking, a Northeast Ohio community aimed at connecting and educating local artists. You can find his work at https://www.daniellozada.net/.


Sally L. Levine is an architect, artist and educator. She has her own multi-disciplinary architecture practice, Levine Architecture & Design, Ltd. The studio designs residential and commercial projects as well as graphics and art installations.


a Northeast Ohio watercolor artist who began painting with watercolors as a youth in a class at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. Visit www.amylewandowski.com

MIMI EPSTEIN TESTEN (visual & performing)

Mimi Testen Designs - Jewellery design and re-design.

Laura Dalessandro (visual)


Experimental contemporary artist. Learn more about Samantha by visiting https://biasedart.wixsite.com/website

Abdul H. Rashid, MBA (visual)

Yudit Barr (visual)

Dina Hoeynck (visual)

Kim Metheny (visual)

Donald Carrier (visual)

Alicia Vásquez (visual)

Committee members

Galina R., Network Member
Catherine M., Art Mentor, Catherine McManus Photography
Jacinda W., Committee, designExplorr
Kaisal S., Youth Ambassador
Lyndsey S., Youth Ambassador
Travon S., Youth Ambassador
Maya P., Youth Ambassador
Ava D., Youth Ambassador
Abby X., Youth Ambassador
Jessica P., Network Member, CMBA
Skye Claire, Artist / Mentor
John L., Mentor / paralegal
Matt M., Art Mentor, Dzieci Theatre
Matthew A., Art Mentor, Matthew Alec Music
Angelica Pozo, Art Mentor, We Must Matter
Dr. Yerin Kim, Art Mentor / Pianist
Kariem Farrakhan II, Nework Member / Fine Artist
Sarah Turner, Art Mentor
Maia F., Youth Ambassador
Dave P., Network Member
Taylor M., Youth Ambassador
Alan R., Youth Ambassador
Emma Anderson, Network Member / Artist

We appreciate all of you!

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